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Criminal Prosecution/Defence

Within the 10 years since our law firm was established in 2005 we have been involved in the prosecution and defence of over 70 criminal matter ranging from offences bothering on Culpable Homicide Punishable with Death, Rape, Advance Fee Fraud, Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating and Criminal Trespass just to mention a few.

Our success rate in both the prosecution and defence of these wide variety of cases has seen us receive several invitation by Justices of superior courts of record to assist in the prosecution of cases involving indigent Accused Persons who are unable to procure counsel to prosecute their defence in capital cases for which they have stood and some are still standing trial before the courts.

Civil Litigation

We have prosecuted hundreds of civil cases ranging from those bothering on breach of contract, land disputes, medical negligence, malicious prosecution, trespass, debt recoveries, labor law, personal injury claims, specific performance claims, defamation, customary law and assault and battery.

Our goal in the prosecution of our client’s civil disputes is always to resolve them without having to resort to litigation where possible, hence saving cost for our clients and avoiding long drawn trials where it is possible to achieve the results sought via either of arbitration, mediation or conciliation.

Not minding our bias for resolving matters without the acrimony that most of the times accompany litigation, we are none the less equal to the task of defending and prosecuting our client’s cases in court when it becomes absolutely necessary to have recourse to litigation as a last resort.

Company & Commercial Law

We have incorporated over 50 companies during the last 5 years and serve as company secretaries to over a half of that number.

We assist companies in filing the relevant documentations with the Corporate Affairs Commission and generally providing legal advice to companies and business around the country on how to tackle the ever charged commercial market in Nigeria.

We have also prosecuted several cases in court on behalf of companies, businesses and corporations bothering on all kinds of legal issues including debt recovery, specific performance of contract agreements, corporate criminal liability, taxation and employer-employee disputes.


Human Rights

Our Principal Partner has been referred to severally as a human rights crusader and activist because of the ferocious manner in which he has always treated matters bothering on the infringement of the rights and civil liberties of Nigerians generally and our clients in particular.

He has worked along several human rights groups like REPLACE, Human Rights Monitor and several other non-governmental organisations who champion the protection of the rights and civil liberties of prisoners, children, women groups, youth groups and persons living with disabilities.

He has been invited to seminars across Nigeria to present papers on several topics bothering of Human Rights protection and violation by the police, the courts and government parties. 

Our firm has also prosecuted over 100 Human Rights abuse cases winning several monetary awards in the process against the Police, some traditional institutions and the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission.

Constitutional Law

Our firm has been involved in several cases where the fundamental questions that turned therein were questions bothering on the interpretation of the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution.

Our principal in chambers has also been involved in several Constitutional debates and has presented a number of papers bothering on Constitutional law and particularly on the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He also worked assiduously with several civil society groups including the Electoral Reform Network to canvass for the amendments to the 1999 Constitution based on the submissions of the Uwais Committee on the reform of our electoral laws.

Electoral Matters/Election Petition

We have prosecuted several electoral matters ranging from pre-election disputes within political parties in Nigeria on the questions bothering on whether candidates were properly nominated to represent their parties at the general elections to whether candidates whose names were submitted to the electoral management bodies at both the State and Federal Levels were eligible to contest the elections in the first place.

We have also been involved in several election petitions at both the trial and appellate level garnering some much helpful experience over the years in the management and prosecution of pre-election matter and election petitions.

Property Law

We provide legal advice to property owners and also manage several properties on behalf of a wide variety of clients including companies and private investors in the property market.

We also prosecute cases in court for recovery of premises and rents due to our clients from tenants and lessees.

Appeals & Appellate Practice

Over the years we have also acquired experience in prosecuting both civil and criminal appeals beginning with appeals to the High Court from Magistrate, Sharia and Customary Courts and also to the Customary Court of Appeal and the Sharia Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeal of Nigeria.

We have handled several high profile cases before the Court of Appeal on electoral matters, civil and criminal matters and have a number of cases currently pending before the Supreme Court.

Family Law & Matrimonial Causes

The nature of family relations and relationships in today’s ever changing world continue to get complex and more unpredictable by the say.

This has translated in the proliferation of cases bothering on legal separation, divorce, custody, guardianship, maintenance and sometimes paternity disputes which cases are usually emotionally draining and physically stressful for litigants.

We have successfully litigated matters in these areas and also provide necessary counselling for clients going through tough divorce cases while always mindful of the need where practicable to create opportunities for mediation and conciliation in matrimonial disputes.

Sharia Law


We have prosecuted a great number of criminal and civil cases, before the Sharia Courts and the Sharia Court of Appeal ranging from matters bothering on divorce, inheritance, custody of children, defamation and contract.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

We offer consultancy services and legal advice on

*       Insurance law and practice.

*       Incorportion and registration of companies, business names and incorcorated trustees.

*       Drafting of Legal Documents, mortgage deeds, indemnities, loans Power of Attorney, Deeds of Assignment etc

*       Preparation and filing of Annual Returns in compliance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act.

*       We act as arbitrators in commercial cases

*       Drafting of Wills and Trusts

*       General Consultancy


In the light of the fact that most commercial business transactions and contracts in today’s world bend towards faster and less acrimonious resolutions of disputes that may arise between parties therein our firm has in tune with the times dedicated a portion of its resources and also sought relevant training for its staff in the area of arbitration.

Our Principal Partner is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators while our Head of Chambers holds a Certificate in Conciliation and Mediation.

We have so far been involved in a modest number of arbitrations and have won several awards in favor of our clients in matters bothering on labour law and commercial contracts.